Saturday, January 1, 2011

God of Wonders

I just love this face, that's why I put it here.

But also it gives me the opportunity to mention that a creationist's view of the world can make you ponder the mind of the Creator, and sometimes just wonder what He can be like, a Creator who would come up with such a creature as this for instance. This creature is delightful in my opinion -- just want to kiss that silly inquisitive face (he'd probably peck me or kick me to death of course) -- but there are some that make my hair stand on end just thinking about an intelligent Being's actually creating them. While kittens and puppies make Him a God who loves what humans easily love, some creatures -- rhinoceros, tarantula, crocodile, wolverine, Tasmanian devil -- impress me with the Otherness of God, even the fearsomeness of God. Even this ostrich face makes me wonder, How did you come up with THIS?

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