Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Truth" according to Postmodernism

"Truth" is subjective. It belongs in philosophy.
Science is OBJECTIVE. It deals with facts.
...except when it's dealing in conjecture and speculation and calling them facts, which happens all the time in evolutionary "science" going back at least to Hutton who imagined an old earth out of whole cloth (and was wrong, as I've proved in my posts on angular unconformities) and got the scientific establishment to declare it a fact. Or except when it's dealing in sheer obfuscation as when it refuses to acknowledge the obvious implication of polystrate trees as utterly disproving the old earth, as shown in my previous post. Or when it invents "beneficial mutations" to fuel evolution and treats them as fact although there isn't any evidence that this has ever occurred beyond a few flukes that are really a benefit at the cost of a detriment anyway, as in the sickle cell's immunity to malaria. Or when it loudly proclaims evolution itself to be a "fact" despite all the evidence against it.

A pox on "science" and all its lies.
There are not "truths" learned in science, only facts. An individual can hold the facts to be true or untrue. It doesn't change the facts.
I'll give him that, there are no truths learned in science, certainly not evolutionary science, it's ALL a pack of lies, aka UNtruths.
Again, truth is subjective. You can't really "teach" truth. You can teach ABOUT "truth", but each student will ultimately decide their own truth.
Such a statement reinvents language and must even destroy brain cells by its poisonous irrationality. Wow, we can't even say that the theory of evolution is true or false? If it really DID have the facts on its side, then it would be true. But it doesn't have the facts on its side so it's untrue.
This makes truth a fairly useless subject for education.
Pity the next generation.
The reason this all relates to evolution is the following:Creationists are upset because their TRUTH disagrees with the facts. They want to replace the facts with their truth.
Actually the facts ACCORD with creationist views, and when the facts accord then the creationist view is true and we have a grip on the truth.
Creationists don't understand that their truth is irrelevant and that the facts are all education cares about.
Actually this is a lie, an untruth, not a fact. The facts support creationism, and you can't care about facts without caring about truth. But such is the insanity among the evolutionists why should I expect anything better?

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