Friday, September 2, 2011

Fossilized Ripples

Another gem of self-convinced evolutionist "evidence" that evidences nothing against the Flood and quite a bit for it, from EvC:
Creationist says: That means if you know of just one example that shows how normal flood conditions (not catastrophic events like a 4 or above VEI volcano) could produce fossilized surface ripples, then I'd love to here it.

Evolutionist answers: You don't even need "flood conditions" to produce ripples.
Not to produce RIPPLES, no, but to produce FOSSILIZED ripples?

He goes on to give some pictures of different kinds of ripples both fossilized and unfossilized, which of course prove absolutely nothing against the Flood, since such phenomena would very likely have occurred as part of the Flood, and he gives no idea how they managed to get fossilized in "normal flood conditions," but the worldwide Flood is certainly a very likely suspect.

GENERAL PRINCIPLE that never seems to be recognized in this debate: Often the Flood DOES account very well for the phenomena claimed for it but the evolutionists never acknowledge that, simply propose their own scenario to explain it, often local floods. They don't have any evidence that local floods can do what they say they can do but they insist on it anyway. Where's the evidence in anything Dr. A has said on that thread? He has offered none, but somehow this doesn't get noticed. Meanwhile the phenomena that Just Being Real attributes to the Flood of Noah are very well explained by such a flood. Even if the evolutionist can manage to come up with a more or less plausible alternative explanation it's still ONLY an alternative explanation, a possibility, a plausibility, not actual proof against the Flood interpretation. When he says that the sediment layers through which polystrates lie were laid down rapidly he hasn't accounted for the standard claim that the strata represent different eras of millions of years, simply ignored it. Sediments COULD have been laid down rapidly during any of the time periods in question, but no half-buried living thing is going to wait around for the rapid sedimentation of the next million-years period to begin before rotting away to dust. Dr. A needs to explain this.

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