Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yes you DO get loss of genetic diversity with evolution Part 5

This is why there is no point in arguing any of this at EvC. Evolutionists apparently believe what Percy says here:
Every allele in existence today had its origin as a mutation to an already existing allele. Given that all alleles begin as mutations, how can you hope to prove mutations have no role in evolution? Alleles that have been around a while are really just old mutations, but we call them alleles. New mutations are alleles, too, but because they just happened we give them the special name of mutations.
Once things have been so twisted and misdefined where do you start to undo the mess?

Well, let's say this at least: You believe that mutations can create viable functioning alleles but all alleles do is provide interchangeable qualities for a given trait. The gene is for the trait of eye color, the allele makes it the specific color or contributes to the color; the gene is for the trait of ear shape, the allele determines the actual shape or contributes to it. But evolution needs a lot more than variation in traits, evolution needs whole new traits, whole new genes. It's easy enough to see that mutations change the existent sequences of genes, but what makes new genes?

and the next thing to say is: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT MUTATIONS EVER DO ANYTHING BUT INTERFERE WITH A NORMAL FUNCTIONING ALLELE. And I guess I'll have to find some evidence for that somewhere, the Lord willing, and He'll have to help me because most of the stuff out there in Somewhere is corrupted by evolutionist insanity.
[Faith] If you increase the diversity you simply interfere with the development of a new phenotype.
[Percy] Do you understand that this is the same as saying that a new allele, one that isn't the same as any other allele in the newly isolated population or in the original population, hinders the emergence of a new phenotype? If so, you realize this makes no sense, right? You do understand that mutations make the newly isolated population even more different from the original population, right?
Oh brother. What a morass of confusion.

First there ARE no completely brand new unique alleles in the new population, because no such thing ever occurs, this is all a fantasy invention by evolutionists. Mutations do nothing but corrupt, mangle, deform and destroy. Whatever shows up as new in the new population has always been there but the new gene frequencies brought about by the population split have allowed this formerly less expressed or completely repressed allele --or combination of alleles -- to come to greater expression in the new population. THIS allele or combination isn't the thing doing the hindering, this what the new phenotype is based on. What HINDERS is alleles that COMPETE with this new phenotype, such as the alleles that were left behind in the old population and overshadowed it there, and are in much smaller numbers in the new population but if they came to dominate would overshadow it here too. You'd have a different trait or a reversion to the former trait picture rather than a new phenotype. Later on a NEW allele would ALSO interfere with this phenotype. If it's a breed you are trying to keep pure you don't want that to happen; if it's a "species" in the wild then it is simply now something other than that species.

Obviously I misspoke: It's not about the "development" of a phenotype but the maintenance of a phenotype. If you increase the diversity you interfere with the phenotype that is now established. If it is a domestic breed you do not want alien alleles interfering with it. This is all I'm saying.

And no, it is not MUTATIONS that "make the newly isolated population more different from the original population", it's the emergence of formerly suppressed alleles and combinations of alleles that bring about these differences, which is the result of the new gene frequencies. Hey, isn't this change in gene frequencies the very stuff of evolution according to generations of evolutionist teachers? You don't need brand new alleles, just the new frequencies.
[Faith] If mutations or gene flow or any other source of variation kept intruding on this process you would not get these clear established phenotypes.
[Percy] Why not, Faith? You said you were going to prove this. So go ahead and prove it.
Good grief this stuff is so OBVIOUS but there seem to be a dozen ways to twist the meaning of words to make them mean things I don't mean. It's SO simple -- GENE FLOW INTERFERES WITH THE PURE EXPRESSION OF THE VARIETY /BREED /SPECIES. Yikes! The way any species maintains its character or its integrity you might say is by being reproductively isolated from others, this is population genetics 1A. Gene flow interferes with that integrity. How hard can something so simple, and well known for that matter, be made anyway? If mutations DID create alleles, the same problem would keep happening, you could never GET an established identifiable breed or species, because they depend on a stable genetic substrate.

Let me quote Wikipedia on Zygosity again:
True breeding organisms are always homozygous for the traits that are to be held constant.
Are species true breeding organisms or not? (Here I'm using "species" the way evolutionists do)

What a travesty of communication this mess is. I may have botched my presentation enough to contribute to the confusion, but for sure my antagonists were frothing at the mouth to say anything at all against my argument whether they got my point or not -- and Percy obviously didn't -- and say something insulting on top of that.

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