Sunday, September 16, 2012

Speed of deposition of layers according to "science"

Just a typical little exchange at EvC in which the evolutionist puts down the creationist for drawing the natural inference from their idiotic millions-of-years-per-layer-of-rock theory.
[Creationist says:] Which is based on the theory that layers require millions of years to form or that each layer represents a long period of time.
[Evolutionist answers:] What theory's that? The one that you made up?

Geologists know perfectly well that some layers form rapidly. They are extremely adept at telling these layers from those that formed over much longer periods. Not all strata form at the same rate - obviously.
Now the creationist didn't ONLY say they "require millions of years to form" but gave the alternative wording that "each layer represents a long period of time" and that CANNOT be disputed Mr. Evolutionist. That's on all your idiotic Geological Time Table charts.

And of course it's not obvious at all that strata don't all form at the same rate, since we creationists know they were all laid down in the Flood, therefore they were all deposited rapidly. Yes, all of them. The geologists are fooling themselves because they believe in that ridiculous idea that a few feet of rock represent millions of years of time. That's just stupid to begin with, but then they want to say that some of them were laid down rapidly within those millions of years and others were laid down slowly also within millions of years and somehow they can tell the difference. Ha ha.

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