Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morality without God

Somebody has started a new thread at EvC on the subject of Morality without God, and of course because morality IS compromised without God he doesn't even capitalize the word "God."

Often one hears from the religious side that one cannot have morals without god or holy scriptures, and they seem to be baffled how you just dont run around killing people torturing them and whatnot.

Morality is a part of us a part is imbeaded in our genes, a pack of wolves does not eat and kill each other because its counter-productive to their society.

And a part of it is learned from our social interactions when we are children and it evolves as we grow up. If we where to grow up in ancient Rome we would find it perfectly socaly acceptable that people are killing each other in an arena for our enjoyment, or if we grew up in an ancient Israel tribe we would find it perfectly acceptable to beat a slave to an inch of his life, our behaviour in that instance would also be religiously and morally idealised, as we where adhering to the rules of our religion.
Two things are true about this subject: Without God -- by which I mean the true God not the gods of paganism such as in ancient Rome -- 1) we still have a conscience because morality is built into us, and 2) at the same time we are far less moral than if we acknowledge God.  (His remark about ancient Israel is some kind of monstrous lie, where did he get it?)

In a way this is funny.  The originator of the thread writes some of the most obnoxious obscene stuff at EvC, and in general such "freedom of expression" is allowed there.  HIS morality sure is intact.   Laws against public indecency,obscenity and profanity in the west did derive from our former Christian mindset and are still just barely applied and not to the kind of language you encounter at a place like EvC.  But THAT's not immoral is it?

No, because mainly the way morality continues without God is by redefining what's right and wrong.  What used to be good is now evil, what used to be evil is now good.  Oh not totally.  Yet.

Yes, there is conscience and yes there are social restraints, all quite true, or the human race couldn't have survived as long as it has.

But our once-Christian societies  have drastically deteriorated morally over the last few decades and this IS because God has been banished.

To the mentality at EvC all kinds of former moral standards simply are no longer standards:  It isn't a problem to them I'm sure that so many don't bother to marry these days but live together with the expectation that it can be a temporary arrangement;  even have children under those circumstances as if it were all quite acceptable; that fornication is not regarded as a sin but is freely exercised probably by a majority these days; that adultery is only slightly restrained by the fact that it hurts somebody, usually meaning it's done in secret;  that divorce is easy upon demand (God hates divorce); that homosexual sex is no longer a sin but in fact regarded as normal and even as deserving to be treated like a heterosexual union, even paraded in the public square.  But no, there hasn't been any deterioration of morality since God was thrown out of our public life. 

People are less concerned about financial fraud when they have rejected the idea of God, less concerned about any form of cheating, from school exams to taxes, about lying, about getting away with anything. 

It's considered some sort of crime these days to punish any class of criminals with the death penalty and God is subjected to accusations of immorality Himself for exacting capital punishment as reported in the Bible.

Abortion is regarded as a right rather than as murder, socially sanctioned murder, legally sanctioned murder.  It's OK to murder one person to save another, such as stem cell research on dead infants, in fact it's demanded in tones of moral indignation.  But we don't need God to be moral.

All this has resulted from the "death of God" in western society.  Really, we've sunk even lower than the pagan societies.

Should also point out that Darwinism WAS made the philosophy that justified mass murder under Nazism, and by the founder of Planned Parenthood whose motive for promoting abortion was to rid society of people she considered to be "unfit" according to her way of construing Darwin, which meant the black race.   Darwin's theory in itself promoted no such views,* but since the theory of evolution was an aggressive attack on Biblical standards, making human beings into mere animals, it did give license to such racist murdering ideas.

The idea that we're just as moral without God is a black joke, but I'm sure even after reading this they'd still admire today's godless morality.  They just consider God's morality to be wrong and their own to be right.  Funny how that works.

Much more could be said.

*At least not in Origin of Species, although I'm now aware that in the Descent of Man there are racist implications, which I'll post on soon.

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