Friday, September 23, 2016

The genetic limit to evolution plus the rapid deposition of strata reasserted for what it's worth

The two arguments I started out with remain the two I think are the best after some years of debating them:  the argument for the built-in limit to evolutionary processes, and the argument based on cross sections showing rapid deposition of the strata of the Geologic Column, against the interpretation of time periods and great ages.  The arguments have acquired some changes but not much, a lot of it terminological.  They are both observational and subject to testing, so if they could be established the claims that are conjectural and can't be tested would have to yield.  There are lots of solid creationist arguments, all I did was pick two I felt I could argue effectively, two that would definitively undo evolution if established.

All the dating methods used to support evolution and the Old Earth are conjectural and untestable despite being treated as if they were as solid as fact;  and so is the fossil order that is interpreted to support evolution.  It certainly exists, the fossils do occur in a predictable order, but the interpretation is pure conjecture, and showing that evolution has a natural limit, that it can't continue beyond the boundary of a "Kind," would prove the evolutionary interpretation of the fossil order to have been an illusion.  Showing that the actual evidence proves rapid deposition of the strata would likewise overthrow the Geological Timescale with its imaginary time periods.

To say this here and now is a bit of bluster I know, because I'm not up to making the arguments again right now, but then I've made them dozens, hundreds of times, over the last few years, here but also at EvC forum. 

I've pretty much abandoned my blogs and don't know if I'll get back to them.   Bluster or not I believe the two arguments to be true,  I even believe they have been proved, and I just want to say it again.  I'm tired, I've been tired of debating for some time so I hope I can quit now.  That may or may not mean I'm quitting blogging as well.   If my blogging days are over at least this restatement can be a sort of finale.  And if I get a second wind I'll be back to make the case again.

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