Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are Scientists Idiots?

Do I think geologists are stupid? That question always eventually comes up.

No, I think most geologists are practical workers whose jobs don't have anything to do with the theories about the age of the earth or particular geological formations. I think they have a fine grasp of terrain and the clues it holds to mineral deposits such as gold, where to drill for oil, where to dig a well for water, etc. Same with biologists. As long as their focus is on the actual phenomena before them they make great progress.

I don't even think the theoretical geologists are stupid. Or the biological theorists who believe in evolution.*

It takes a high level of intelligence to come up with the ridiculous scenarios they come up with and try to make it all work together with the facts that are often in collusion to defeat their efforts (not efforts that do serve the scientific work itself but efforts to keep gluing it all to the false theory of evolution).

No, I think they are simply blind, the way all fallen human beings are, trusting in their own fallible minds and without the aid of the Holy Spirit.

I think there are many actual physical facts they have discovered that are very useful to know. Such as about the ancient lakes Missoula and Bonneville. Such as medical discoveries in the areas of biological research. They just have the time factor all wrong and are laboring under prejudices against the Bible.

* For the sake of a visitor here today, July 17, 09, I feel I should add that the same is true for biology as for geology. They do a lot of genuine science focusing on the actual phenomena before them that they THINK is done because of evolution, but it could be done just as well without evolution and possibly better. Biologists know how to study DNA for clues to heritable diseases, for instance, and they THINK they need the theory of evolution to make this possible but they don't.


  1. Ridiculous scenarios? Forgive the over simplification but doesn't the Bible essentially say "Poof" everything is made as its suppose to be don't ask questions?
    Given that all humans are, well, human and are fallible, what do you think about the mistranslations associated with the Bible? Or lost chapters that are recorder in say the Book of Judas, or Mary?
    Science may stumble and folly quiet frequently but it has in place a philosophical logic system to challenge/question itself, which cannot be said for most religions. Is it blind, a matter of opinion, but I enjoy the encouragement to be curious and study the world.

  2. The Bible is not only too big a subject for a blog post comment but not something I want to discuss on my evolution blog. But the answer to your first question is "no."


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