Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God will lead you into all truth

Thought I'd get back to this blog sooner and posts would just start flowing, but it's not happening and I suppose that might be mostly because for me this topic is more fun than anything else, while the information on the Bible versions, and now the general area of feminism and liberalism, which includes the head covering, are more important and sometimes take a lot of hard work. What I just put together on the history of feminism and especially how it all relates to the Bible versions was extremely hard to get organized into a coherent statement, like pulling teeth as they say, took a lot of prayer for clarity.

But let me take the rest of this post and give a little orientation to my way of approaching the creation/evolution issues.

There are many ministries that do a very thorough job of taking on all the claims of the evolutionists and that can get very deep into scientific questions, but I don't have that kind of expertise, and it's not really necessary either for the basic objective of keeping yourself from being swallowed up in the mystification of evolutionism.

If you start from what the Bible says, pray frequently for God's leading and keep your eyes open, He'll lead you to some straightforward observations that show the foolishness of evolution without getting too far into the more complicated reaches of science (of course if you have the training and that kind of mind He'll happily lead you as far into the complicated science as you can handle). You do have to grasp some of the geological principles that are used against creationists in order to answer them, and you do have to grasp some basic genetics, but God can lead you there, as I know He has done with me.

You start with God's word, with the first few chapters of Genesis. You believe it. You pray for understanding. God will guide you from there.

Please use the KJV for this purpose. The revisers who gave us all the modern Bible versions didn't even believe in the first chapters of Genesis.

But I'm still thinking more about the other blogs I'm afraid, so this is going to have to wait some more.

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