Thursday, November 11, 2010

Evidence for the Flood succinctly put

Want to emphasize: MAJOR EVIDENCE FOR THE FLOOD OF NOAH is that the strata of the geological column were all laid down before being sunk into basins, raised into mountains, buckled into anticlines, sculpted into hoodoos or mesas or buttes, carved into cliffs or canyons. The layers are all parallel to each other and shaped or displaced as a unit. I've been trying to make this point for a long time with the Grand Canyon area, where it is dramatically obvious, but it's also true of the salt formations, and indeed ANYWHERE strata are exposed.

The theory of millions of years per each layer as a particular "time period" is utter nonsense as each of the layers should show some of these disturbances in such a long period, in fact many such disturbances given the common belief that conditions in the past were much the same as in the present, but instead they all lay quite quietly until they were all in place to a great depth. That is because they were all laid down in the single catastrophe of the Flood, AFTER which they were subjected to various forces, tectonic pressure, sinking, uplifting, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the rushing cataracts of Flood water as it receded.

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