Friday, November 12, 2010

Wit ought to be acknowledged I suppose

Dr. Adequate is of course on the wrong side of this debate as are the vast majority at EvC but you do have to admit he has a knack for well-wrought zingers as here .
That was incoherent, but I believe you intended to be insulting.

You're not very good at that, either, are you?

I wonder what you are good at? I suppose with the right armature a taxidermist might make you into a passable hatstand.
Hate to have to appreciate the nasty mean wit but he forced it out of me. Too funny.

Unfortunately too many of the creationists at EvC ARE frequently incoherent, or get their terminology mixed up or just don't understand the issues. When they do make a good point I'd at least like to acknowledge it myself, but I have to wonder why it is that the quality of creationist argument has been declining there over the years.

Unfortunately I'm sure I know why. For all the wit and IQ points on the other side their arguments ARE spun out of cobwebs and word fraud enforced by ridicule and put-downs, and serious creationists won't stick that out forever. In fact there have been a few pretty good ones there in the last few months but I haven't seen them there for some time.

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