Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carbon Dating only proves what evolutionists want it to prove

Ah, good ol EvC does it again, this time on carbon dating.
Chuck77 writes:
Huh??? Im not sure they EVER carbon dated any dino bones because that would prove they existed recently. they wont do it.
And Coyote answers:
Dinosaur bones have been Carbon-14 dated, and returned measurable amounts of C-14.
Which would normally date those dinosaur bones to a few thousand years, not millions. But rather than accept the normal reading they simply interpret it away as follows:
But the results are meaningless. When you are dealing with objects at or past the usable range of the method contamination and equipment error become the major factors.
Uh yeah, but this is a monumental begging of the question. The test shows the bones are only a few thousand years old but you contradict it with your mere assumption -- which as usual is all that the ToE has to go on though it is treated as science gospel -- that the bones are millions of years old which REQUIRES the interpretation that the reading is "method contamination and equipment error." Thus is actual evidence dismissed on the basis of mere belief.

Questions occur: How many attempts have been made to date dinosaur bones by Carbon-14, and how many of those attempts showed measurable amounts of C-14, and how many of those attempts involved efforts to be sure there was no contamination of the equipment? If contamination is suspected in a great number of cases, what's to say it isn't present in all cases of attempts to date anything by any radiometric method?
They have also dated diamonds and found trace amounts of C-14. That was an experiment to determine how much residual contamination resulted from the interior of the C-14 measuring equipment. Those results do not show there was C-14 in the diamond.
Of COURSE not, as long as you "know" the diamonds are millions of years old and can simply insist on that and ignore what the test actually says, the kind of test that evolutionists otherwise insist on when their readings confirm their bias. SO clever. NO science could EVER falsify the evolution fantasy since all they have to do is assume it against all the evidence.
But in their desperation for anything which will support their beliefs, creationists take these results out of context and claim they support a young earth.

Pretty silly, eh?
In their insistence on interpreting everything to support their beliefs, evolutionists take these results out of context, which clearly proves much younger dinosaur fossils and much younger diamonds than their beliefs will allow, and claim "contamination" from the measuring equipment. They don't have to prove contamination, they merely assert it based on their belief in millions of years. They even MEASURE it based on their belief in millions of years. They assume the millions of years as their measuring rod and measure the only objective measuring tool they have by it.

Pretty silly for sure.

Evolutionists never have any problem proving creationists wrong. All they have to do is interpret their science to fit their theory and all is well.

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