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The Flood is Evident Everywhere Pt. 3

On that same thread, Taq replies to creationist Chuck77:
[Chuck77]I have no proof of the worlwide flood when it comes to "regular" Science.
[Taq] Wouldn't there be scientific evidence if the entire Earth were covered by water just 4,500 years ago? I would think that such evidence would be obvious and abundant. Don't you?
Of course there would be and there is, an abundance of it, a copious abundance even, an in-your-face indisputable abundance of it. Hidden only by the assumptions of establishment geology which misinterpret it, as I've said SO many times here, and lately in the previous two posts and now this one.

It is sad that so many creationists have so many different ideas about the Flood and so few focus on the most salient facts that demonstrate it. This situation is quite similar to earlier Flood geology which was all too easily overthrown by the Old Earth theorists simply because there was no developed coherent Flood theory. By now there should be. I believe I've been hammering away at the most important pieces of evidence, and that's what we should be doing. We may not be able to answer all the various claims and challenges but we ought to be able to simply point to the obvious evidence of the Flood in the strata themselves and their fossils, pointing out the necessity of explaining them by such an event and the absurdity of the current explanation. Then the other issues should gradually fall into place as well.
Is it possible that all of the waters from the flood are in the oceans today? The mountains were "hills" before the flood and didn't "sprout " up till afterwards because of plate tectonics?Or catastophic plate tech? The earth's surface was maybe a little more level back then. Also the water poured into the deep valleys in the oceans afterwards when tectonic movement took place.
I would like to approach these questions from a different angle than the posters above. What type of geologic formation would demonstrate that this didn't happen? IOW, how does one falsify the idea of a recent worldwide flood (in your eyes)?
Said the spider to the fly.

My list of absurdities in Part 1 of this series should sufficiently falsify the current Old Earth theory, let's stick to that.

The sequence of posts on that thread started back with this one, which is a frustrating rehearsal of the false expectations that are allowed to dominate this discussion. Chuck77 has shown himself to be completely out of his depth and a very tempting morsel for the spider's wiles when he supposes that the Flood should have been evidenced in ONE layer of the earth's surface. His question is badly misconceived and the answers are only going to take advantage of his ignorance:
So, I guess if I were to rephrase my question it would simply be, where is the flood layer? Maybe? . So, is it at all possible since most of the world is covered by water, a lot of the evidence of the flood could be barried under the ocean floors, if in fact we aren't finding any evidence on land? Or "enough" on land? Im sure almost everywhere in the world has been under water at some point in time and that there are areas that would say so but can it be certain it wasn't all at once at some point in time
When dealing with the "flood" we aren't looking at geological layers, but soil layers. The dating of the flood is ca. 4350 years ago, not in distant geological time. This is the conclusion of biblical scholars.
So the assumptions of the geologic time table are brought out to answer our hapless creationist, the assumption that the worldwide strata reflect time periods such that the Flood should be located at whatever depth they would identify as 4500 years ago, which of course completely begs the question. The establishment insists on such things as looking at "soil" layers and ignoring the miles deep strata themselves, which are all neatly tied up in their theory to such an extent that they can't think outside that framework. But the Flood laid down ALL the strata with ALL their fossils, the timetable is wrong, the whole time-focused system is false.
An early lesson in archaeology states, "if you want 10,000 year-old sites, look in 10,000 year-old dirt." For the flood we have to look in 4,350 year-old dirt.
Yeah right. The current theory defines how old the dirt is and this definition blinds everyone to the simple sheer fact that the entire geologic column had to have been created by the Flood. But he's shifted the focus from geologic time to archaeologic time. The latter spans ONLY the time SINCE the Flood, being built ON the strata that were laid down by the Flood. In some parts of the world -- not all -- human settlements have been layered over and built one atop another in that short time period, a completely different kind of layering from that laid down in the Flood.
Fortunately that is easy to find. You probably have some in your back yard.

The easiest place to find and analyze 4,350 year-old dirt is in archaeological sites where there are a lot of different time markers.
Total misdirection based on a false assumption based on a blind acceptance of the current theory.
I have tested probably over a hundred sites that cross-cut that time period, and have found neither evidence of massive erosion nor depositions from a flood at the appointed time.
Of course not, because his assumption is wrong. The Flood completely rearranged the crust of the earth into that huge depth of strata that is found in bits and pieces and occasionally very deep deposits all over the earth.
My colleagues around the world have tested tens of thousands of sites with the same results.
Looking for the Flood in all the wrong places, alas!
But we do find evidence of localized floods. The channeled scablands of eastern Washington state are a good example. These are about three times older than the 4,350 year date ascribed to the "flood" but they are clearly seen by archaeologists and geologists. See this website for some good details:
Let me know what you think.

Which I already addressed in Part 1.

Poor Chuck77.

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