Friday, December 20, 2013


Whenever somebody says there is no evidence for the Flood of Noah, this is my answer: The Flood left a ton of evidence all over the earth. It left all the strata, it left the Grand Canyon and all the formations of the Southwest (It's really kind of amusing to think of the separate layers of which the hoodoos are built as each representing millions of years of time), it left the scablands, it left the traces of the huge lakes such as the Missoula and Lahontan and Bonneville, it left the dinosaur beds and the fossils.

The hoodoos are interesting. I'm particularly interested in their stratification. Most of them are carved out of layered sediments just like so many of the dramatic formations in the American Southwest, layers that are usually associated with long periods of time in the prevailing Old Earth understanding. There's just something funny about that idea when you find them in these tall skinny formations.  But it's funny in all the formations anyway, because you have to believe that all those strata were laid down over millions and millions of years before anything cut them or carved them. 

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