Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kinda Just LOOKS LIKE it got drowned once

Now look at some satellite images of earth, such as this one for instance. Google Earth is OK if you have it but the way the images are broken up into oblong differently-colored patches can interfere with getting an impression of the usual look of the terrain. The link I posted above isn't broken up as much and gives more of the normal impression.

Look at how the surface of the earth seems to swirl, through northern Africa and across the Saudi peninsula and across the area north of India into China. Sure LOOKS like water did that, don't you think? Looks very much on a large scale the way the remaining mud looks after a small flood. Then look at the western US where there's a rippled or striped north-south effect that seems to flow from the Great Basin of Utah and Nevada toward Baja California and Mexico. Kind of LOOKS LIKE maybe a massive quantity of water once drained from that whole area to the ocean?

Sure, what it LOOKS LIKE could be an illusion. But I dunno, how come geologists don't mention such an obvious effect?

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