Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yes, I'm going to get to unconformities and other supposed evidences that the layers full of fossils that cover the earth to a great depth were the result of gradual buildup over time. They say the unconformities can't be explained any other way. Really it's not hard at all to explain them in terms of cataclysmic events. Just so you know.

Meanwhile think about all that again. Think about the fact that where we can see the strata or layers of different sediments exposed to a great depth, such as in the Grand Canyon (but remember, the strata are found everywhere on earth, this is no local phenomenon) -- again, where we can see them to a great depth, it is very very deep indeed, a mile at minimum, two or three if you recognize the higher levels that had to have once existed above what remains.

That being the case, where did all that STUFF come from? Outer space?

Nope. Obviously what happened is that whatever the original form of the Earth, the Great Flood of Noah massively rearranged it, in some places separating out those different sediments and depositing them in layers. The material was already there; it was merely rearranged.

But in order for the usual theory to be true, that it was all gradually built up over millions of years, there has to have been an external source. And there just isn't one.

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