Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dawkins again: Hallucination?

Don't really have a place to put this thought so I'm giving it a post of its own for the moment. Just caught a brief You Tube clip of a Dawkins event, in which a questioner declares his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and Dawkins answers with the dogmatic assertion that human beings are highly susceptible to hallucination and he judges the man's experience to be just that.

I dunno, which is more "arrogant," as a nonscientist to question the conclusions of scientists and do so with an explanation that at least purports to be scientifically thought through, or as an atheist to dismiss a man's statement of his personal experience as an hallucination without any more evidence than that he the atheist doesn't believe in such things?

Anyway. If we're all so susceptible to hallucination, isn't it a little suspicious if it's only beliefs he disagrees with that he judges to be hallucinations? And, if we're all so susceptible to hallucination, may I ask if he's ever had an experience himself that he would describe as such?

These supposedly rational scientific types really aren't, you know.

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