Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scientists have often expected to find evidence of the Flood in hidden places, at the bottom of deep digs and embodied in isolated bits of buried stuff like this one skeleton, found in 1725 and declared to be a pre-Flood human being, and they made many mistakes of this sort that eventually led to the overall rejection of all ideas about the Flood.

But those piecemeal notions of what the evidence for the Flood should look like are a very strange way to go about it once you recognize that a worldwide flood would have affected EVERYTHING. ALL the fossilized remains everywhere on the planet are the record of pre-Flood life that died in the Flood, ALL the strata of the "Geological Column" were created by the Flood. It's everywhere, there should never be a find that "at long last" demonstrates the Flood. Flood effects are one of the most obvious characteristics of this planet. Satellite photos show huge areas of the planet with ridges and swirls that are characteristic of the effects of water, and overall the planet just LOOKS like it was once drowned. Ponder Google Earth from a good height for a while.

The continents split apart not long after the Flood, probably as a result of volcanic action released in the Flood; the high mountains were formed after the Flood, because of the movement of the tectonic plates that split the continents; and overall the Flood was the cause of devastating destruction. But the animals from the ark spread out to all parts of the Earth before the continents separated, developing endlessly interesting and useful varieties, and what was left of the sea life repopulated the oceans; the trees grew again, and grass and every kind of plant, the high mountains are majestic and beautiful, and we tend to look at the refurbished surface rather than the structure and miss the obvious marks of the Flood.

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