Sunday, June 3, 2012

Evolution, racism, conscience-free murder, dehumanization, atheism, all of a piece

This is from Chris Pinto at his Adullam Films site:
Hitler’s concept of the Aryan (exalted or noble) race represented the highest point of the evolutionary pyramid, and all races that fell beneath the Aryan standard were fair game for removal (i.e., extermination). This is why Hitler equated Jews with rats and termites. In fact, the Zyklon-B gas used to murder Jews in the showers of Auschwitz was originally a pesticide developed to kill insects. This is also why the Nazis used Jewish skin, bones and teeth to make lamp shades and brush handles – because killing a Jew was deemed no different than killing a cow, cutting down a tree, or picking cotton from a field – according to Darwinian philosophy. Darwin’s “struggle” for life seems to have been the theme of Hitler’s famous work – Mein Kampf (i.e. My Struggle). His struggle was the preservation of the Aryan race, the favored race according to Hitler.

Some people coming out of Communist countries tell of how the Communists used evolution in schools to remove the consciousness of God from the minds of the people. Evolution removes the authority of God, and makes man his own god – accountable to no one but himself. In Communist countries, Marxist Atheism is the rule and the state is the supreme authority. Yet according to The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression (first published in 1997), some 94 million people were mass murdered in the 20th century by this atheist form of government. That’s more than all the people killed through the Crusades and the Inquisitions combined. Keep that in mind the next time your atheist friend tells you about the “evils” of religion in government. Also remember that evolution is the cornerstone of both atheism and the occult.
They can deny it all they want, the evolutionists, such as those at EvC forums, and of course they will deny it and muster all kinds of ridiculous notions of "evidence" against it, but it's well known that evolutionism goes hand in hand with dehumanization and atheism.


  1. Christianity: Crusades, witch burnings, corrupted religious figures, and I'm sure a fair about of random killers. All who adopt the name and methods of your religion for evil purposes. It is the same for every religion or philosophical belief, the vast majority abide by social norms. Granted back in Medieval Europe witch burnings where considered acceptable, crusades against any "non-believe" and other "holy" wars are acceptable by the group carrying them out, and some how killers allows rationalize why they kill, even saying "It was gods will"
    I find the argument to lack depth, how is atheist less moral than a christian? On an individual bases I've met "Christians" who acted less compassionate, open, and calm than myself. I've also met other Atheist who I wanted to knock the chip on their shoulder off and contemplated worst.
    How I personally have focused on this topic is what virtues create a "good" society. A society where everyone feel they can be open, calm, free, respected, and that they are the only limitation to what they can achieve. I'm sure with more thoughts we could end up with a excellent description of a Utopia, but then the question is what virtues should a person have to be "good". Both have the flaw that its from perspective what "good" is, and that varies by cultures, regions, experiences, and belief/philosophy. As a question what do you think are the virtues of a "good" person?
    How evolution, a frame work of natural process of biological change, is any more dehumanizing than the bleak, dark nature that humans are capable of I do not comprehend. Neither evolution nor atheism states anything about obliterate, ignore, punish, all who are not like you. Just like your Bible never says go forth and kill in my name.
    Everyone is always eager to point out the evils others do, and fain the purity and innocence of those of like mind or other sociological factors. They only focus upon the light they wish to see in themselves that we forget about the fact we are capable of dark and terrible things as well.

  2. I'm too tired trying to answer all your other comments that I just found today to deal effectively with this one, but just briefly I'll say that we're talking not about your average run of the mill atheist or believer in evolution here who don't necessarily base their lives on these philosophies, but about the serious philosophers and world shapers who use them very very seriously indeed to justify conclusions that most people wouldn't even dream of.

    The difference between the serious implications of Biblical Christianity which teaches that all human beings are descended from one human pair, all are made in the image of God, morality is built into us by God Himself, and death is not natural to God's creation, is a very different thing from the implications you can draw from a theory that says we're just accidents created by mindless chemical processes which somehow accidentally made us moral creatures and not reliably so at that, of no more intrinsic value than those processes etc etc and so on, is enormous. While we're all sinners who may all do terrible things, only one of these philosophical systems can be sued to JUSTIFY those terrible things.


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