Sunday, June 3, 2012

The messiness (aka bloodiness, harmfulness, ugliness) challenge to creationism answered again

Just a quick comment on that same thread about novel features I posted on below. Tangle has been bringing it back from time to time, Zaius and WK get off into technical neverland occasionally but even they are doing a better job than I would have expected of keeping the main question in mind, which is whether mutations are the source of new alleles / traits, or they are built in from the beginning. So far they are unable to make a definite call. Of course I'm convinced that any actually useful alleles were there from the beginning and that mutations are ONLY destructive accidents that evolutionists have pounced on as their one vain hope for a mechanism of change that could support the theory.

Be that as it may, what I really wanted to comment on was Tangle's off-the-cuff comment in the post linked above:
ABE - as an irrelevant aside, the sheer messiness and complexity of these systems are evidence against design.
Well, it's true that God's original design doesn't account for it, but since what you really mean is that it's evidence against creationism as such, that's not so, Tangle. This is another favorite evolutionist challenge to creationism that has been answered over and over but keeps being thrown out there again anyway.

It can only be answered by a BIBLICAL creationist, however, who accepts Genesis in its entirety and doesn't try to read extra time between the lines or explain away the traditional understanding of the text:

The messiness of genetics is explained not by the Creation -- that is, God's original design -- but by the Fall, which introduced the processes of death and disease into the Creation. Complexity is one thing, expectable in God's Creation -- that rightly should lead to awe and appreciation -- but the kind of complexity that is really unpredictable chaos and confusion that is difficult to interpret must be attributed to the Fall. Mutations must be attributed to the Fall -- until someone can show that their occurrence obeys a law, which so far hasn't happened and doesn't seem at all likely ever to happen. Mutations are accidents, mistakes in the replication of the genetic material, KNOWN to be the cause of thousands of disease processes and NOT known even once to have produced a viable healthy allele.

Design is not challenged by the messiness, the messiness was introduced by disobedience of God, and evidence for this is everywhere in damage to the original creation -- which still shines through in many ways nevertheless.

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