Monday, October 3, 2011


Why do you stick around a place that talks about creationists like this?
If you want evidence, try peer-reviewed scientific literature. Not websites. . .

If you want something on pseudeo-science, try the creationists website sources. They're always and mostly exclusively on the internet and in churches, and as has been showed to you; they alwys tell porkies. Always. They pretend to be "scientific", while they are anti-science. They pretend to be "scientific": they're not. They pretend to be peer-reviewed: they're not. They tell porkies. That's it.

In scientific literature, porkies are pointed out. Quickly. Not to be repeated. On the internet, porkies are repeated again and again. That's why creationists flourish on the internet. That's also why porkies are all creationists have. They've got nothing else.
The prejudice is so thick there is no way a creationist will ever get a fair hearing. If YOU care about the science involved in the creationist point of view THEY don't and will never treat anything you say with the slightest respect. You don't need it. It doesn't serve the cause of science and it doesn't serve the cause of Christ to stay there.



OK, I guess I need to stop this. Every time I go there all I see is futility and meanness and incomprehension. Guess I'm expecting too much. What, an actual reasonable discussion about creationist science? I must be out of MY mind. Time to take a break.

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