Friday, October 14, 2011

RAZD/Zen Deist's strange argument against the Flood

I absolutely do not understand what RAZD/Zen Deist is thinking of when he writes this stuff as supposedly a proof against the Flood:
Seashells cannot be evidence of a global flood, because:

•The seashell fossils found, range in age from 1 to 30 years old.
How on earth does this argue against the Flood? What is he imagining? Why wouldn't ALL the creatures that died in the Flood be of all ages the way all creatures are in life after all? What IS he imagining?

•The seashells are found in multiple layers.
Perhaps he has in mind one of the creationist notions that the Flood occurred at only one layer or below a certain layer or that sort of thing. Then perhaps he would have a point. But those notions make no sense. ALL the layers MUST have been laid down by the Flood as they are all identical in form and no other process could possibly have done it.
•Each layer shows mature marine growth of entire ecosystems.
Yeah, and the Flood picked up the whole array of ecostuff and moved it and buried it, what's the problem?
•Later layers grow on the debris of previous layers.
I have no idea what this refers to factually. Need a description of what is actually seen. This is just a flat assertion. Evidence evidence evidence! Was any given in the body of the thread?
•Layers of seashells extend deep inside mountains.
As they should if the strata were laid down in the Flood chock full of sea creatures, hardened and then raised into the mountain.
•The combined age of the layers extends into decades if not millenia.
Based on what? No, the whole kaboodle was laid down in the same event, over days, weeks, months perhaps, but the same event. Evidence evidence evidence! HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS! (This is the sort of thing Dr. A needs to address above all in his geology course, just another flat-out claim without anything to back it up).
•The purported duration of the biblical flood (~100 days) is too brief for any marine growth to occur, other than what one would see on a ship (some weed and slime).
Here's that silly idea spelled out in so many words. Why is he expecting GROWTH to occur at all in a Flood? The whole point of the Biblical Flood was to destroy all living creatures because of sin, nothing GREW in it.
•The type of growth on ships in a 100 day period is not the type of growth seen in the fossil seashells layers.
Same silliness. Is anybody going to point this out there?

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