Sunday, October 9, 2011

David Berlinski, a non-Christian critic of evolution

Wonderful! Never heard of him before. He's great.

Chuck77 introduced the videos of an interview with him. This is the first of three and there are some shorter ones at You Tube as well to follow up with.

Another interview with Berlinski by the Discovery Institute. Apparently he was in the film "Expelled" which they are discussing. I guess I'll have to finally see that.

Also saw some bits of a debate between Berlinski and Hitchens in which Hitchens waxes indignant to the max at Berlinski's saying Nazism was inspired by Darwinism, and carries on at a fever pitch about all the Christian trappings of Nazism. Which were in reality just Hitler's attempt to keep the Christians under his control.* Darwin WAS a main inspiration of Nazism. So was Nietzsche. Margaret Sanger's eugenics program that became Planned Parenthood was directly inspired by evolutionism, as she advocated ridding the human race of inferior types, most of whom were black. That bit of history has of course been swept under the rug since. But the affinity between her thinking and Nazism's eugenics program of ridding the world of Jews, Slavs and others they defined as inferior is quite straightforward. Simple historical fact.

* July 2012 I've become aware since this post, thanks to Chris Pinto, that the "Christian trappings of Nazism" should be attributed to the influence of Roman Catholicism on Hitler and Nazism, fascism in general for that matter. Darwinism was part of that too.

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